“It is easy to place the name of Father Joseph Martin in the same sentence with Bill W and Doctor Bob. Over the past 3 to 4 decades, no one has meant more to so many struggling from alcoholism and addiction than Father Martin. His presence, videos and books sustain the history of our field and serve to never allow us to deviate from the principle that have lead so many along the spiritual path to recovery. There is no person in the history of the recovery movement that I love and admire more than Father.”

Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols

CC Nuckols is described as “one of the most influential clinical trainers in North America.” He is widely published, having authored more than 50 journal articles, 30 books and workbooks, 38 DVDs, CDs and videos, and 17 audiotape series.

“The works of Father Martin started a revolution in recovery. He taught us all the meaning of compassion for others and for ourselves. He is the master mentor who teaches and touches at the same time. The opportunity to read his contributions and to see his presentations is one that I urge everyone to take.”

Robert J. Ackerman, Ph.D.

Director, Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research & Training Institute at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is a co-founder of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. Robert is internationally known for his work with children and families.

“Eighteen years ago I attended a professional conference in Atlanta and heard Father Joseph C. Martin address a packed auditorium as the opening night speaker.  That evening not only changed my personal life but my professional outlook as well.  Until Father Martin's retirement, I eagerly attended his yearly presentations at that conference paying attention to his every word.  I have listened to all of his tapes and I continue to use his programs with my own patients.  Each individual is greatly impacted by the messages and the information Father Martin presents in his unique, charming, humorous and straightforward manner.”

“I can think of no other person who has had such an influence on the entire addiction treatment field.  Both patients and therapists can now experience first hand, with the electronic technology available, the gift and power of love, humor and healing that Father Martin has selflessly given to all of us.  I have certainly been blessed by having met Father Martin in life's journey.”

Arthur S Trotzky, Ph.D.

Dr. Trotzky works at the Ridgeview Institute in Smyrna, Georgia, in their Recovering Professional Services program

“Father Martin is one of the most respected leaders in the treatment field.  For many years, he has been my teacher and profoundly shaped my work with families and children.  His DVDs and CDs remain classics which, clearly shed light on the disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions, as well as the recovery process.  They are must haves for your library.”

Jerry Moe

Mr. Moe is the National Director of Children's Programs, Betty Ford Center

“Father Martin is my one and only hero!  Eloquent, compassionate and brilliant, his effusive spirit infuses love for the addicted and their families.  The addictions field would not be what it is without his years of contributions.”

Claudia Black


Ms. Black is a Ph.D., and a world renowned author, lecturer, and specialist on addiction and family systems.

She is the author of “It Will Never Happen To Me.”

“Father Martin remains a leading educator on the disease of addiction.  His material is still the most effective treatment supplement available now.  My clients are very responsive to his video and audio lectures.  Certain themes reappear throughout his catalogue of work, particularly how he speaks of “sober values.”  Fr. Martin has always emphasized how the recovering person needs to transform his/her value system and how that contributes directly to quality recovery.  The mention of “sober values” seems simple but his explanation of what they are and how the recovering person rediscovers them is unlike any other I have come across.”

“He has always taught in terms that professionals, patients, families, anyone is receptive to.  Father Martin is as relevant and necessary today in the treatment field as he has always been.  His material is a good investment for any treatment program of any kind that strives to provide quality, effective care.”

Greg Haywood, CAC-AD

Mr. Haywood is a Relapse Prevention Specialist  and the former Assistant Program Director of the Relapse Program at Father Martin's Ashley for 18 years.  Presently, he is the Executive Director of The Mann House, Inc.

“I doubt if a number exists that could count those blessed by Father's wisdom, message and just who the man is.  From his groundbreaking first films and every step of the way since, Father Martin has shown the light of truth into the darkest corners of the disease of alcoholism. Anything Father Joe's name is attached to can be studied with the certainty that the information is rooted in the grandest and deepest traditions of what has helped the most people the best”.

“In a very real, which is to say spiritual, sense Father Martin the man and the message is the yardstick by which everything that has followed his lead can be measured.  Father Joe's shadow covers us all.  I for one am honored to call him my friend”.

Earnie Larsen

Mr. Larsen is a nationally known author & lecturer in the addictions field. He is the originator of the Stage II Recovery process.

Dear Father Martin,

My name is Joshua. I live in Australia and I am a 20 years old recovering alcoholic. I have watched a video of you that my father gave me to help me through sobriety, it is the most inspireing video I now own.

I would like to thank you for the knowledge you have given me on the subject. Now I aim to start a program where myself and other addicts and specialist will go to schools over here and teach younger children about substance abuse. It is through your video that has given me the strengh to do it.

Thank you

Joshua M.

Hello Father,

I just attended an AA convention in Duluth, MN and your name came up. Tonight as I was looking on the Internet I found this web site and am so glad your words are still touching people…you see I met you in 1980 I believe, when you spoke in a suburb of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I was with the group that sponsored you and as I waited around to give you a ride I saw how much you meant to those people.

You touched my heart and your sincerity has not left me. I pray you are well and I would love to see you again and visit…we’ll see what life brings! Be well, oh by the way I’m sober 28 years now!


Dear Father Martin,

I am not an addict, nor am I an alcoholic, but I am in the social service field and a proud mother of a child with “Down Syndrome”. I want you to know, what an inspiration you are to people in treatment, as well as people who are not in treatment.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to do my internship at a treatment facility in Canton, Ohio. Your video’s were and still are an inspiration to all. Your video’s send out strong messages and it has helped me take care of the needs of my son. You have given a message of hope, courage, and of course taking things one day at a time and with “Down Syndrome” that is all you can do.

So Father Martin, your tapes are not just for addicts. They’re for all people, who need to receive a message of life. Thank You.


My name is Mitch from Connecticut,

When I was in treatment for alcoholism in 1983, I had the distinct privilege of viewing many of Father Martins' tapes. I was so impressed; I have purchased many of them through the years. I watch them often. I just watched the one about “feelings”.

When Father tells the story about the P.O.W., I just can't keep the tears back. Please tell Father, I owe him for more than he will ever know. I will be 24 years clean and sober this November. I have come to know some real joy. I will also be celebrating my 39th wedding anniversary (with the same woman). Somehow she stayed with me, and now we are starting to find a little peace and happiness. Thank you for caring Father. God must really love me to have put you in my path.

Love, Mitch

Dear Fr. Martin,

As I look ahead to another year of the specialGrace of God that has brought me to the fellowship of A. A.,I always review those who have helped me on this journey.

You, dear friend, are one of those - most probably unbeknownst to you.I am one of those many whom you met as you carried that special message of hope and salvation throughout our land.

Thank you for the lengths you have been willing to reach us. I continue to benefit from all that you have taught me.


Dear Fr. Martin,

I believe that God works through people. You have helped so many of us along the road to recovery. God has used me to ensure that the hand of A.A. is here and we have welcomed back old timers, newcomers, and tourists seeking a meeting. In doing so, he has healed my grief and given my life purpose.

I thank him and you; another of his servants; for the life I live in recovery. Thank you for touching my life.

Barbara S.

Dear Fr. Martin,

I have been watching Fr. Martin's tapes since 1975. I have recently begun to purchase my own copies and plan on continuing to do so.

Fr. Martin has made an impression on me from day one. After being sober for a few years, I went back to school and am now working as an addictions counselor in Illinois.

Fr. Martin was right when he said in one of his earliest talks, I don't remember the exact wording but he made the point that not only is working with alcoholics rewarding…but it can also be addicting.

Grace K.