One Step More The Life and Work of Father Joseph C. Martin by Jane Maher

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Jane Maher One Step More: The Life and Work of Father Joseph C. Martin

In this biography, writer Jane Maher, compiled a fascinating, in-depth look at the life of Father Joseph C. Martin. Maher follows Father Martin’s upbringing, his entry into the priesthood, and his progression into alcoholism. She relied on Father Martin and Mae Abraham, along with scores of figures from Father’s accomplished life, to offer insight into how his enthusiasm for sobriety translated into the founding of Kelly Productions, the platform that made the miracle of helping millions possible. This book also examines the life of Mae Abraham, the less known but equally active partner in the founding of Kelly Productions and Father Martin’s Ashley. The circumstances under which these two amazing individuals were introduced, helped one another at different times, and eventually collaborated in touching the lives of millions of individuals affected by addiction is both moving and inspiring. Available in soft cover.

Father Martin is one of the world's most knowledgeable and effective educators on the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction.

258 pgs.