Mrs. Mae Abraham with Father Joseph C. Martin.

Mae Abrahammet Father Martin in 1964, quite by accident.  She had gone to Johns Hopkins University to hear Gov. Harold Hughes (later Senator Hughes) speak on alcoholism.

Much to her dismay, she found Senator Hughes had cancelled due to a death in his family and a priest had been called in to speak.  She, being the daughter of a Baptist Minister, would never have gone to hear a Catholic priest speak.  She says her Higher Power was looking out for her.  Father Martin gave his now famous “Chalk Talk on Alcohol.” Upon hearing alcoholism described so clearly as a disease, she says she finally could accept what was wrong with her.

Mae came back with a desire to live and be apart of the solution instead of the problem.  The next six years, she worked on her own recovery and took as many people as she could to hear Father Martin any time he was speaking.

When Father Martin became ill in 1970, Mae and her husband Tommy invited Father to spend a few days with them at their home.  “He's the man who came to dinner and stayed”, Mae reports.  His superiors gave him permission to live with them and they started a life long journey of helping others.

“Chalk Talk on Alcohol” was filmed in 1972 by the government and it gave Father Martin instant recognition around the world.  Soon after that talk was filmed, Mae & Father developed and filmed many other talks on various aspects of the disease.  Mae was honored to be the producer of all of Father Martin's films.

The two of them are a unique combination.  Father has a God given talent for speaking and Mae had the vision of what was needed to get Father heard.  That is how Kelly Productions came into being and why it has done so much good all over the world.

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