Chalk Talk on Alcohol - Original

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In what is considered his most popular film, Father Martin provides an explanation of alcohol, what it is and what it does.  Chalk Talk is a three-part discussion on the nations number one public health problem, alcoholism.  In part one, Father talks about the things we drink and why we drink them. People drink alcohol to get a sense of euphoria, or well-being.  In the second part, a comparison of alcohol to ether, he shows that like ether, alcohol is a sedative drug and is addictive by nature.  Alcoholism is an addiction to that drug.  In the third part, Father lists the symptoms of the disease. The answer to the problem is proper therapy, primarily Alcoholics Anonymous, and other disciplines that contribute to overall recovery.

Father Martin is one of the world's most knowledgeable and effective educators on the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction.

66 Minute VHS