C.C. Nuckols


Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols is described as “one of the most influential clinical trainers in North America.” Dr. Nuckols' passion and mission is to assist in the integration of emerging scientific research with traditional spiritual and self-help knowledge. From this integration comes information and technique helpful to those whose wisdom help alcoholics, addicts and those suffering from co-occurring disorders find healing and their personal road to recovery.

For over 30 years, he has gratefully served the healthcare industry in multiple capacities as a clinician, supervisor, program director and hospital administrator.

Dr. Nuckols is widely published, having authored more than 50 journal articles, 30 books and workbooks, 38 DVDs, CDs and videos, and 17 audiotape series.

The “Dr. Cardwell C. Nuckols Fund” helps those in need of addiction and co-occurring treatment services. Dr. Nuckols is on the review board of Counselor Magazine and serves as the conference chairperson for national conferences including the US Journal offering “Neuroscience Meets Recovery.”

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